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Bauer Brown started his Law Enforcement career in 2013. In 2016, he started as a full-time interdictor/K9 handler with the Apache County Sheriff's Office Special Crimes Enforcement Team.  In 2016, Bauer was nationally awarded for conducting a traffic stop that resulted in a seizure of 34 pounds of heroin and 36 pounds of cocaine. In 2017, he was nationally awarded for another traffic stop resulting in a seizure of 206 pounds of cocaine. He has testified in both federal and state courts in several interdiction cases and continues to work full time interdiction on Interstate 40 and Highway 60. as a certified general instructor Bauer is constantly looking to help train other officers to recognize criminal activity during their everyday contact with the public. It is for that reason he founded ACE Interdiction Tactics. "This type of training is vital to the pro-active cop, it sets the foundation for officers to build an impenetrable case and win in the courtroom"

Albert Clark began his Law Enforcement career in 1991 with the Navajo Police Department where he was instrumental in implementing a Criminal Highway Interdiction and canine program as a Supervisor/canine handler. He was recognized as the 1st Criminal Highway Interdictor with the Navajo Police Department.  This program grew with great success and is still functioning today. In 2009 he retired from the Navajo Police Department and began another career with the Apache County Sheriff’s Office as a K9 handler / full time Criminal Highway Interdictor where he now serves as the K9 Sgt Supervising the Special Crimes Enforcement Team (SCET). Throughout his Law Enforcement career he has received numerous awards and commendations including Northern Arizona Officer of the Year and Navajo Nation Officer of the Year along with being nationally recognized for his contribution, passion, dedication and relentless work for Criminal Highway Interdiction. He has testified countless hours in Federal and State courts in Criminal Highway Interdiction cases in Arizona, California and New York.  He has dedicated the past 20 years of his 31 year Law enforcement career solely to Criminal Highway Interdiction.  He has shared his passion and knowledge with multiple Officers who have become successful Criminal Highway Interdictors with their respective agencies.

Deputy County Attorney (DCA) Jared Robinson started his career as a prosecutor in Apache County Arizona in October 2014. Within his first year as a prosecutor he took on a felony case load which included many I-40 drug trafficking cases. In that same first year, he successfully tried a case where the defendant was transporting 7 lbs. of methamphetamine on the I-40.  This early exposure to drug prosecution developed into a passion for prosecuting drug cases.  In early 2017, DCA Robinson joined the Navajo County Attorney’s Office and began prosecuting their major drug crimes.  He coordinates with Navajo County’s drug task force (MCAT) and together they have taken down many dealers and traffickers in Navajo County.  In 2018, DCA Robinson was awarded ANOA’s Prosecutor of the Year Award. DCA Robinson teaches Introduction to Criminal Law and Constitutional Law at the Northern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy. DCA Robinson has successfully tried many felony drug cases and is adept at assisting officers overcome the various hurdles that present themselves as a case advances to trial. 

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