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Are you tired of searching vehicles and wondering if you missed something?

Jeremy Bedingfield presents “CARTEL TRAPS”. Utilizing body camera footage and current photos, Jeremy gives law enforcement officers the knowledge it takes to conduct a thorough vehicle search, which will lead to seizures you didn’t think were possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small-town street cop, large-city street cop, gang cop, narcotics investigator, interdiction officer, federal agent, or any other law enforcement officer. Everyone needs to know how to search a vehicle thoroughly and be confident in their search. From entry-level to advanced, this class will provide information for law enforcement officers of all levels. You will gain the confidence it takes to search for deep concealment and push beyond your current limits. During this class, Jeremy will explore natural voids, sophisticated electronic hidden compartments, deep concealment methods, and other concealments utilized by criminal organizations throughout the United States. All the content comes from Jeremy’s firsthand experience, and everything discussed is recent. Gone are the days of old school training that utilizes the same old poor-quality photos. This training is current, evolving, comprehensive, and ready for you to immediately apply in the field. The CARTEL TRAPS is much more than a hidden compartment class. You will learn how couriers are recruited, how criminal vehicles are obtained and utilized by criminal organizations, investigative techniques and much more.


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